#Tories want to legalise Fox hunting through the back door

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Fox hunting could be legalised again in 48 hours – through the back door. We have until Wednesday to convince MPs to vote against changes to the law that bans fox hunting. [1] The government wants to weaken the ban to allow an unlimited number of dogs to chase foxes for ‘pest control’ – it would make prosecuting cruel hunts almost impossible. MPs are being given a free vote – meaning they don’t have to listen to party lines – and they’re already under a lot of pressure. 80% of the public are against hunting, and even ministers in the government have spoken out against the plan. [2] If enough of us email them now we can show them how risky backing hunting is – and tip them into doing the right thing. We need to act fast – can you email your MP, Mark Garnier, now to urge them to vote against these barbaric changes to the Hunting Act? EMAIL YOUR MP Fox hunting with dogs is just plain cruel. Foxes can be chased for hours before finally being caught and ripped to pieces by the dogs. And even if they manage to escape down a hole, terriers are often sent down after them to haul them out. [3] This sport has no place in a modern Britain. So with just 48 hours until the vote, we need to make sure Mark Garnier knows that their constituents are wholeheartedly against fox hunting. It’s rare that MPs aren’t told which way to vote by their party, so our pressure now could make a big impact on Mark Garnier’s decision. Please email them now: EMAIL YOUR MP Thanks for being involved, Rebecca, James, Alpha, Megan and the 38 Degrees team NOTES: [1] BBC: MPs to vote next week on changes to fox hunting laws: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-33459734 [2] The Daily Mirror: Fox hunting row as Tory minister accuses government of trying to relax laws ‘via the back door’: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/fox-hunting-row-tory-minister-6034161 [3] Animal Aid: Fox hunting – Q&A and factfile: http://www.animalaid.org.uk/h/n/CAMPAIGNS/other/ALL/439/

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