Questions to ask your CLP #LabourPurge

With reference to the Labour Leadership Elections the Labour Party reports:

Commensurate with our obligation to implement the 2014 rules and exercising due diligence, checks are undertaken at national, regional and local level.

The Labour Party has asked for further checks to be conducted at local level. Questions to ask your Constituency Labour Party.

Ask your CLP to provide the following information.

1. What guidance has been issued to [CLP Name] by the Labour Party

2. What is the number of Registered Supporters/new members since May 2015 in [CLP Name]

3. What checks have been undertaken on Registered Supporters/new or existing members at local level and by whom

4. What is the nature of the checks undertaken by [CLP Name], e.g Electoral Register, Canvass returns, Social media, Other.

5. If checks have been carried out at local level, have registered supporters or members been contacted by [CLP Name]

6. If checks have not been conducted locally are there plans to introduce checks before the closing date for Leadership elections

7. How many have been reported by [CLP Name] to the Labour Party for further investigation

In view of the Timetable for the Leadership Election, please provide this information as soon as possible. If you are not able to provide information for 1 to 7, please state reasons.